Why Latin Restaurants Love Jibarito

When it comes to authentic Latin restaurants, customers expect to see a few staples on the menu. Here at Empanellie’s, our chefs deliver just that. From the best empanadas in Nashua to the authentic jibarito, we know what you’re craving and certainly will not disappoint.

However, we also recognize that many of our customers aren’t familiar with the authentic deliciousness of Latin cuisine. Often hesitant to order the unknown, these same folks miss out, which, of course, we never want to happen! Because of this, we’re taking this time to focus on one of the best, most authentic, mouthwatering sandwiches on the menu – the jibarito.


A bit of history to start.

In Puerto Rico, jibaro refers to the rural population. The jibarito, however, is not one that you’ll find on a menu there. Instead, it is a fusion inspired American sandwich that uses authentic ingredients and flavors inspired by the island’s cuisine.

Since we mentioned it, if you’re not familiar with the term, fusion cuisine is one that combines cultural dishes into one. With Chicago being home to one of the largest Puerto Rican populations during the 19th century, it comes as no surprise these two cultures met and created some mouthwatering meals. Love at first bite, really.


The Chicago Jibarito.

If you’ve ever traveled to Chicago, you know the Latin roots are strong in the food offered. For instance, before the sandwich was a popular American choice, Puerto Rican culture introduced the jibarito at the Borinquen in Humboldt Park. Since, this sandwich has become one of the most commonly requested and offered meals.

However, unlike the traditional sandwich that Americans are accustomed to, the jibarito uses no bread. Instead, chefs replace the slices of bread with two thinly sliced, flattened plantain. Do we have your attention yet?



The Empanellie’s Way

No matter where the day takes you, Latin restaurants tend to offer authentic meals with their own flair. At Empanellie’s, our jibarito is no exception. Our homemade sauce takes things to the next level. Start by choosing your protein. We offer chicken, pork, or steak – all seasoned to perfection. From there, we add lettuce, tomato, and cheese to provide you with a mouthwatering sandwich that will leave you coming back for more!


Next time you’re considering Latin restaurants for lunch or dinner, be sure to head over to Empanellie’s. With the largest selection of handmade empanadas, authentic sandwiches like the jibarito, and unforgettable papas locas, we promise your cravings will be satisfied!


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