Ethnic Restaurants Serving Up History With the Empanada.

The empanada – a baked or fried turnover stuffed with various fillings and extremely popular in Latin cultures.


Never tried one? As one of the top ethnic restaurants in Nashua, Empanellie’s is a must-try if you’ve never experienced the mouth watering, authentic, wholesome goodness of an empanada. However, as you savor the popular appetizer wondering how you have yet to experience such deliciousness, we’d like to give you some more to think about.

While it’s a popular choice today, the empanada dates back hundreds of years. Here’s a look.



The origins.

With pretty much any food, pinpointing the exact origins is nearly impossible. One can go back so far as the written word leads. With the empanada, we land in 1520. It was during this year that Llibre del Coch, a Spanish cookbook written by Robert de Nola was published. As with most cookbooks, the recipes included are not new but instead varied in cooking method and ingredients. So, we’re left to believe that people have enjoyed the empanada much before this year, but there is no documentation.

That said, the cookbook mentions a wide range of empanadas stuffed with seafood for recipes in Spanish, Italian, French, and Arabian food.


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Empanadas by region.

Being a versatile creation, the empanadas change depending on the country and region it is created. For example, in Belize, empanadas are called ‘panades.’ Here, common fillings include chicken, beans, and fish. Panades are traditionally deep fried, topped with cabbage, and sold as street food. However, if you head to Italy, the empanada becomes more of a dessert. Referred to as ‘mpanatigghi’ this version is filled with walnuts, almonds, chocolate, sugar, cinnamon, clove, and sometimes ground beef.

In Chile, the empanada is thought of as the national dish. Called the ‘empanada de pino, this version comes baked and varies by region. On the coast, empanadas are generally filled with seafood. But if you travel inland, ground beef with spices, onion, egg, and olives are more common.


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The Empanellie empanada.

At Empanellie’s our family takes pride in being one of the best ethnic restaurants in the Nashua region. Here, we take our family recipes and create authentic, Latin-based empanadas for all to enjoy. However, we also understand that variety is the spice of empanada life! Below are a few flavors our guests can enjoy:


  • Ground Beef
  • Steak
  • Chicken
  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Pastelon – a traditional dish with layers for thinly sliced sweet plantains, ground beef and cheese.

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Whether you’re looking for a quick meal on the go or an authentic dine-in experience, make Empanellie’s your next stop. You’ll find us at 83 W Pearl Street in the heart of Nashua.

We can’t wait to see you!